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Springtime in my Hometown (내 고향의 봄)

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We return to Korea for this next song, a tribute to springtime. I learned this from gayageum player Kyungso Park, who joins me once again to meld these two versions of the song together. Together we sing this melody of the springtime harvest, and invite you to sing “oh-lo-lo” along with us.

See full lyric video playlist on YouTube


The main character of this song is the willow tree, and the main theme is phenology, or the study of nature's calendar. What are your favorite signs of springtime? Do you have a favorite tree? How does it change in the springtime? Make some drawings and observations below.  


Traditional, English version by Elena Moon Park


뒷동산 살구나 꽃은 

가지가지가 봄빛이요

꽃 피고 뻐꾹새 우는 

보리밭 머리엔 풍년일세

얼럴럴 럴럴럴 상사듸요 

얼럴럴 럴럴 상사뒤요

오~~ 음~~ 

얼럴럴 럴럴럴 상사듸요 

앞 냇가 능수나 버들 

꾀꼬리 앉아서 울음 울고

저 가지 휘어나 꺾어 

우리님 울밑에 꽂아보세

Here in our backyard springtime is blossoming

right before our eyes

On a branch the birds are singing that  

the wheat fields are growing high

And under a flowing willow tree

sitting down by the stream

We sing the chorus of the springtime harvest

breaking a branch to sing:

"Oh-lo-lo-lo lo sang sa-re-yo"

We're taking a branch to our house nearby

to join in the jubilee

Colorful hanboks, bows and ties

and the ribbons are flowing free

"Oh-lo-lo-lo lo sang sa-re-yo"


Kyungso Park, gayageum, vocals

Gamin, piri, saenghwang

Dan Zanes, banjo

Brett Parnell, pedal steel

Yoshi Waki, upright bass

David Cossin, percussion

Colin Brooks, drums

Nathan Koci, accordion

John Foti, harmonies

Elena Moon Park, violin, mandolin, jarana, vocals


Gamin playing saenghwang

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