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Flying Starfish

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I sang this song to my niece Zora when she was born, making it up as I went along. While holding her for the first time, I thought of all the exciting adventures coming her way, the transformations and changes that come with them, and how her family would always be waiting for her when she returns. Fly, and be free! The world is yours to see.

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Some fun facts about starfish

- Starfish are not actually fish. They do not have spines, gills, or fins (or a brain! But they do have eyes). They are more closely related to sand dollars or sea urchins. They are also called sea stars.

- There are over 2000 species of sea stars in the world!

-Starfish can live to be up to 35 years old.

- Starfish have hundreds of feet, and can re-grow an arm if they lose one

What are your favorite creatures under the ocean? Download and color in this ocean scene below, drawn by Kristiana Parn. What other sea creatures can you add?

A Music Video!

By Dana Lyn

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Written by Elena Moon Park


Flying starfish

out of the sea

floating from tree to tree

Flying starfish 

so happy to be in the night sky

shining bright for all to see

Fly, and be free

Fly, the world is yours to see

Floating starfish

under the sea

back with your family

Floating starfish

so happy to see how you've turned

into the fish that you want to be

Fly, through the breeze

Fly, the world is yours to see

Fly, and be free

Fly, what will be will be


David Cossin, vibes
Angélica Negrón, electronics
Philippa Thompson, musical saw
Sonia De Los Santos, vocal harmony

Yoshi Waki, upright bass
Elena Moon Park, jarana, musical saw, vocals


Philippa Thompson, photo by Kevin Bay

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