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Flying Starfish

7. Flying Starfish

You and The Fox enjoy a long meal with your Insect Hosts, exchanging all kinds of delicious recipes and heaps of memories with one another. 


By this time, it has gotten quite late, and the stars have begun to glimmer brightly overhead. You’ve been having such a wild time, you’ve nearly forgotten about getting back home. ‘Oh, dear,’ you say to the Fox. ‘It’s nighttime already! I wonder if anyone is out looking for me. Perhaps I should be finding my way back home!’ You and the Fox say goodbye to the Insect Hosts and head towards the acorn basket, but you’ve been talking and laughing and eating and drinking so much that you are already feeling sleepy. When you reach the basket, you notice the faint, gentle sound of waves and glimpse something shiny and shimmering up in the path ahead. You wonder what it is, walking past the basket and towards the light. 


The sound of the waves gets louder, and you soon find yourself on the sandy shores of the Ocean Pond. You realize that the shimmer you saw is the reflection of a beautiful crescent moon on the ocean water, bobbing and fluttering with the waves. The gentle sound of the waves relaxes you and makes you even sleepier. ‘Well, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt for us to take a little rest,’ you say, yawning sleepily. You look at the Fox, who also seems quite relaxed and is staring up at the glimmering night sky. 

As you are indeed in your own garden, you decide it will be ok to stay here on the beach and get some rest until morning. As the night gets darker, you and The Fox decide to camp out on the shores of the Ocean Pond. You lay back on the sand and look up, listening to those soothing ocean waves, thinking about the day you’ve had, and of the mysterious Story of the Springtime, which still makes you wonder. You close your eyes for a while. Just as you’re falling asleep, you glimpse up to the sky again, and there you see an incredible sight: a Starfish, flying out of the ocean, straight into the sky, like a shooting star in reverse. You laugh to yourself, because now you’ve seen it all! You think about how that Starfish is doing the impossible, flying up into the sky, to explore a world it had never known even existed. Just like you.

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Some fun facts about starfish

- Starfish are not actually fish. They do not have spines, gills, or fins (or a brain! But they do have eyes). They are more closely related to sand dollars or sea urchins. They are also called sea stars.

- There are over 2000 species of sea stars in the world!

-Starfish can live to be up to 35 years old.

- Starfish have hundreds of feet, and can re-grow an arm if they lose one

What are your favorite creatures under the ocean? Download and color in this ocean scene below, drawn by Kristiana Parn. What other sea creatures can you add?

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