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Unhurried Journey

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This song is inspired by a serene and beautiful scene created by artist Kristiana Parn, which reminds us to take our time and enjoy our journey. In the song, I muse about all of the beautiful things that continue to flow around us, slow and steady. I am joined by the inimitable Elizabeth Mitchell on vocals.

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This song is an observation of things in this world that continuously move, slow and steady. What can you think of that moves slow and steady? Write and draw about it using the worksheet below!

A Music Video!

By Lauren Gregory

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Written by Elena Moon Park


Trees sway, leaves change

Red, gold, yellow haze

One day, they’ll drift away

Rivers, below

Shimmering and aglow

Winding through fields as they flow

We’re on an unhurried journey,

journey through the breeze

Come on this unhurried journey

Unhurried journey with me

One day, we’ll stay 

Arm and arm, by the bay

Watching those trees as they sway


And seasons may change

Snows will turn to rain

But memories will remain


We’re on an unhurried journey,

journey in the breeze

Come on this unhurried journey

Unhurried journey with me


Elizabeth Mitchell, vocals

David Cossin, vibes

Yoshi Waki, upright bass

Colin Brooks, drums

Brett Parnell, pedal steel

Philippa Thompson, musical saw

Rob Friedman, mellotron

Elena, vocals, mandolin, jarana

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