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Chapter 3. Unhurried Journey

3. Unhurried Journey

When the dance is over, you look towards the lake to see dozens of flowers begin to emerge from the water -- white lotus flowers on lily pads, more radiant red flowers with curving petals, small yellow circular flowers. It’s a beautiful sight. ‘Hooray!’ shout the creatures. ‘The Story of Springtime is saved!’ You and the Fox join the animals in feeling a great sense of relief. The creatures, led by the Sun Bear, all look very pleased. ‘We thank you!’ says the Sun Bear. ‘You’re welcome,’ you say. ‘But please tell me, what is The Story of Springtime?’ But as you can ask the question, the Sun Bear is distracted by more celebrations and laughter from the other creatures.


You look over at the Fox, who is signaling that it is time to go, by smiling and nodding towards the basket. You reach forward to give the Radiant Red Flower back to the Sun Bear. But the Sun Bear says, ‘Oh, please keep the flower! It will remind you of us. And every year around this time, you can think of this Dance as the flowers are blooming.’ You nod and wave goodbye and climb back into the basket with The Fox, wondering about The Story of Springtime. 


The dance has excited you but has also worn you out, and after such a surprising morning, you are ready to rest. As the basket lifts gently off the ground, you lie back and set the flower on your stomach, thinking about that everlasting cycle of blooming and falling. While you drift slowly through the air, you look up at the clouds and wonder what it all means. You watch the clouds float by, and your mind wanders. You start to think about other signs of springtime, and other things in nature that surround you and continue to cycle, long before you and long after you.

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xtra flowers.png
xtra flowers.png


This song is an observation of things in this world that continuously move, slow and steady. What can you think of that moves slow and steady? Write and draw about it using the worksheet below!

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