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Pong Dang Pong Dang (퐁당퐁당)

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This is a Korean children's song about the simple pleasure of throwing pebbles into a stream and watching the ripples in the water -- while your sibling is on the other shore washing vegetables! I am joined by the power duo of Dan Zanes and Barbara Brousal, who transform the song into a rhyme in english. Jean Cook joins me on harmony, and Min Xiao Fen adds pipa.

See full lyric video playlist on YouTube

Learn & Create

A quick guide to skipping stones:

1. Pick a good stone – one that is flat, not too thick or thin (or too heavy), and that can fit easily in your hand.  


2. Hold the stone between your thumb and the side of your middle finger, with your thumb on top and your index finger along the edge.


3. Make sure no one is in the water in front of you! Stand facing the water at a slight angle, and pull your arm back like you’re going to throw a sidearm pitch, so the rock is even with the water.


4. As you throw, bend your wrist back. Right before you release, flick your wrist forward.  


5. Throw the stone forward and down at the same time, trying to hit the water at a 20 degree angle (with the front of the stone facing upward).


6.Have fun!

What are your favorite summertime activities? Write or draw about them on the downloadable sheet below. 


Lyrics by Seokjung Yoon, Composed by Nanpa Hong

Translation/Arrangement by Elena Moon Park


Poong dang poong dang dhol-eul donji-ja

퐁당퐁당 돌을 던지자

Noona mool-eh doh-leul donji-ja

누나 몰래 돌을 더지자

Nhet mool-ah, puh-jyuh-la, moh-li moh-li puh-jyuh-la

냇물아 퍼져라, 멀리멀리 퍼져라


Go-uhn noh pyun-eh ahn-jah-suh

건너편에 앉아서

na-meul eul-shi nun

나물을 씻는

Oori noona sohn dung-eul, gan-ji-luh joo-uh-la

우리 누나 손등을, 간질어 주어라

Skip, skip, skipping stones

Rippling and making waves

Counting down our summer days

Secretly beside a stream

While we're washing sprouts and beans

Skip, skip, skipping stones

(pong dang pong dang, doh-leul donji-ja)

Split a rock, and make a stone

Split a stone, and make a pebble

Throw the pebble into a stream

Close your eyes, while we dream

Little circles ripple wide

Turn away to run and hide

Skip, skip, skipping stones

(pong dang pong dang, doh-leul donji-ja)


Dan Zanes, acoustic guitar, vocals
Barbara Brousal, vocals
Jean Cook, vocals
Min Xiao Fen, pipa
Yoshi Waki, upright bass
David Cossin, percussion
Elena Moon Park, mandolin, vocals


Dan Zanes

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