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Musikaru Ride to the Mountain

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Meet the Musikaru family! They like to hike in the mountains, watch cherry blossoms bloom, and go on hot air balloons rides through the countryside together. Where are they going? Wherever the wind takes them. We can sing along with them on their journey.


See full lyric video playlist on YouTube


This is one of my favorite families of characters in Kristiana's art. Download and color in the Musikaru family on your own!  Be sure to add hints about where they might be going. Where in the world do you want to go?


Written by Elena Moon Park


A mother, a father, sister, a brother

different kinds of families

Riding along the hillside

altogether above the trees


We don't know where we're going 

and we don't know what we'll see

The winds around us keep on blowing 

and whatever will be will be


Musikaru ride to the mountain (x4)

We're all in this together but each one of us is free

We keep on moving forward and whatever will be will be

Muskaru ride to the mountain (x4)



Angélica Negrón, synthesizers
Colin Brooks, drums
Akiko Hiroshima, vocals
Mariana, la-la's
Elena Moon Park, vocals


Akiko Hiroshima

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