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Unhurried Journey: Best Children's Music Album

Grammy® Awards


"... Let’s soak in a breeze, watch ripples across the water, study the lines of a tree, enjoy the colors of a flower, learn the melody of a bird song, revel in the mystery of our dreams, and hear the symphony of sounds that surrounds us if we stop and listen. We are constantly pushing everyday to achieve more and be more. But in that effort, let’s remind ourselves to look up, breathe, listen, and let go. This album is my dedication to the unhurried journey." - elena

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Unhurried Journey is a collection of songs for all ages that celebrates the beauty of taking our time to appreciate every moment of our individual and collective journeys. The album features original songs alongside reimagined folk and children's songs from East and Southeast Asia. The album is also a story in progress, journeying through vivid, magical visual landscapes and joyous characters created by artist Kristiana Pärn. Each song page features a lyric video, a piece of a story, and a downloadable activity accompanying the themes of the song. The musical and visual journey reminds us to seek inspiration from nature, and to all take a deep breath.

"...with travel possibilities still limited, the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Elena Moon Park promises a global expedition for which no one has to leave home." - The New York Times

"The works of these two women meshes and creates a total immersion of cultures for children and their families." - Geek Dad

"... a beautiful, expressive soundscape, and highly recommended." - Midwest Book Review

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