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Underneath the Marshmallow Tree

15. Underneath the Marshmallow Tree

You watch the Magical Fireflies, Dragonflies and fireworks light up the sky and earth, alongside a rising moon. When the moon is high overhead, the Musikaru family floats close to your basket to say farewell. You thank them, wish them a fond voyage, and as they begin to float away, the youngest Musikaru turns to wave goodbye to you and you can just make out the words: ‘Until next year!’  


You and The Fox also begin to float away. As you stare up at the moon and stars overhead, the sound of celebration becomes more and more distant. You think about all of the sights, sounds, smells, foods, dances, characters you have encountered in your garden. You turn to the Fox. ‘Tell me. Do you know? What is the Story of Springtime?’ The Fox smiles.  


‘Well,’ says the Fox. ‘I think you might know already. But here’s the thing. It’s a story that can only be written by you. In fact, you’ve been writing it all along as you’ve gone on this journey. Remember how you were sad when you thought you could not go on your own adventure? Sometimes we just need a reminder that there is so much to see right outside of our windows.’ The Fox continues. ‘The Story of Springtime is what you want it to be. It’s your story, one that might be able to remind all of us that all we need is curiosity... and maybe a little imagination.’


You listen to the Fox’s words as you think back to how quiet and still the garden seemed from your bedroom window. You think about when you saw the Fox for the first time, trotting in the garden, entering a small opening of the large, flowing willow tree. And now, as you look out through the night sky, you see a glimpse of that tree in the moonlight. You and the Fox are floating towards it yet again. As your eyes begin to get heavy with sleep, you see the willow tree growing bigger and bigger, as your basket slowly drifts towards it. You glance over to see the Fox gazing at the night stars with fluffy sox on its feet. Smiling, you lay down in the basket, look up at the night sky, close your eyes and begin to dream.

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This is a song about dreams. Do you keep a journal of dreams? What are your most memorable nighttime dreams? What are your dreams for the future? What are some of your favorite imaginative daydreams? Draw them below! 

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