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Pong Dang Pong Dang (퐁당퐁당)

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After a short while floating along above the creek, the Musikarus spot a small swimming hole next to an open clearing. There, they gently set their basket down and climb out with knapsacks and a bright striped blanket, which matches exactly the colors of their balloon. You and The Fox land your basket next to theirs, as they take out their snacks for a leisurely lunch. The youngest Musikaru opens a container to reveal small round circles of seaweed wrapped around rice, with a colorful assortment of pickled vegetables packed tightly in the center. It looks familiar to you. ‘Wow, this is so colorful. What is it?’ you inquire. The youngest Musikaru looks up at you and says, ‘It’s kimbap! Have you tried it before?’ Your eyes light up, as you think back to hikes you’ve taken with your grandparents when you were younger. ‘Oh, yes, I remember this now! I used to have this with my grandparents on the mountainside.’ ‘That sounds about right,’ smiles the eldest Musikaru. ‘Please try one!’ You pick up a little round circle of seaweed and rice and pop the entire thing in your mouth. Mm, delicious! You all agree, it’s a perfect snack for this stream-side picnic.


While you are eating and chatting with the Musikarus, learning about their adventures, you spot two siblings approaching the other side of the creek, one of them carrying a basket of vegetables. When they reach the creek, they bend down to start washing the vegetables, but every once in a while, they’ll stop to pick up a smooth round pebble from the ground and skip them across the water’s surface. Seeing this, the two youngest Musikarus jump up from the blanket to also find some smooth round pebbles to practice skipping them across the water. The siblings see them and wave, and the younger Musikarus wave back and start singing a song. Meanwhile, you and The Fox talk to the other two Musikarus about your favorite summertime games, while watching the circles ripple in the water.

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Learn & Create

A quick guide to skipping stones:

1. Pick a good stone – one that is flat, not too thick or thin (or too heavy), and that can fit easily in your hand.  


2. Hold the stone between your thumb and the side of your middle finger, with your thumb on top and your index finger along the edge.


3. Make sure no one is in the water in front of you! Stand facing the water at a slight angle, and pull your arm back like you’re going to throw a sidearm pitch, so the rock is even with the water.


4. As you throw, bend your wrist back. Right before you release, flick your wrist forward.  


5. Throw the stone forward and down at the same time, trying to hit the water at a 20 degree angle (with the front of the stone facing upward).


6.Have fun!

What are your favorite summertime activities? Write or draw about them on the downloadable sheet below. 

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