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Chapter 10. Musikaru Ride to the Mountain

11. Musikaru Ride to the Mountain

As you are both lost in song, you and the Little White Rabbit do not even notice that the other Rabbits and the Fox have been watching you and have now come over to sing too. They start to sing and dance with you, and as you are all lost in song, none of you notice when another acorn basket gently lands at the water’s edge. When the basket lands, four bears of different sizes hop out. Finally, when the song is coming to an end, the Little White Rabbit looks around and notices the crowd that has formed. ‘Oh, my!’ exclaims the Rabbit, blushing a little. And, suddenly noticing the four bears, the Little White Rabbit says, ‘Ohhhh, my!’ The family of bears wave, and the Rabbits wave back enthusiastically. The Little White Rabbit jumps up. The Rabbits apparently know these bears. ‘Come!’ says the Little White Rabbit. ‘I’d like to introduce you to some friends.’ Walking over to the bears, the Rabbit says, ‘This is the Musikaru family! Musikarus, these are some of my new friends,’ The Rabbit gestures towards you and the Fox, as the Musikarus wave hello. The little white rabbit continues ‘They have helped me turn a gloomy day into a bright one!’


The Musikarus are four bears of varying sizes. They all seem calm and pleasant, with relaxed smiles on their faces. You learn that they are a traveling family, always on an adventure, wandering and exploring the vast garden just to see what they will find. They heard the singing and were curious to see what was going on. ‘So,’ you ask, glancing at the Fox, ‘you just float from one part of the garden to another, following the breeze, going wherever it takes you?’ ‘Yes!’ says the youngest Musikaru. ‘We go to see the flowers, and the feasts, and the fireflies, and…’ The youngest Musikaru takes a breath to control the excitement.


The Little White Rabbit, just having heard some stories of your own journey, quickly jumps in. ‘Actually, our new friends have been doing the same thing! They have already been to the Lily Pad Peninsula, and the Gathering of Animals on the hillside, and the radish and rhubarb feast...’ Turning to you and the Fox, the Rabbit says, ‘The Musikarus here, they know everything there is to know about the garden in springtime. You should join them!’ You think back to the Gathering of Animals on the hillside, and you ask, ‘Since you know so much about the garden... do you happen to know what The Story of Springtime is?’ The eldest Musikaru smiles. ‘Well, if you’re interested in The Story of Springtime, you should join us indeed! We happen to be on our way to the annual cherry blossom harvest. If you really are curious, it is a good place to visit.’


It’s not the full answer you were looking for, but it seems like you are on the right track. You and The Fox exchange approving glances, and then you turn to the Rabbits. ‘Thank you for sharing,’ you say to the Little White Rabbit. ‘Thank you for the song!’ replies the Rabbit, giving you a hug. You wave goodbye to all of the Rabbits and stroll back to the acorn basket. Once in the air, you see the colorful parachute of the Musikaru family acorn basket ahead of you in the sky, and follow it along the creek, while listening to the Rabbits sing and splash in the water below. 

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This is one of my favorite families of characters in Kristiana's art. Download and color in the Musikaru family on your own!  Be sure to add hints about where they might be going. Where in the world do you want to go?

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