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Chapter 9. Let It Come, Let It Go

10. Let It Come, Let It Go

You are drawn out of your morning daydream by the sight of the Fox, who has begun strolling away from the Giant Willow Tree along a tiny stream of water coming from the Ocean Pond. You decide to join the Fox on the stroll, following along the tiny creek. Eventually, the creek gets larger and wider, until you come across a group of brown and white Rabbits, playing together in the water. The Fox waves hello at them, exclaiming ‘A morning bath!’, and heads off to join them.


You notice that all of the rabbits are splashing around and laughing except for one Little White Rabbit, who is sitting alone along the shore. As you’re not so sure if you’re ready for a cold morning bath in the creek, you decide to stay on the shore as well. 


You stroll towards the Rabbit who is sitting alone and ask, ‘Could I perhaps sit here with you? If you’d rather be alone, that is ok! We could talk, or not talk, or I can go to another part of the shore.’ The Little White Rabbit manages a brief smile and nods its head yes, inviting you to sit. You sit together for a while on the shore, just thinking and watching the other Rabbits and the Fox splash around in the water. Eventually, the Little White Rabbit turns to talk to you. ‘I’m just feeling a little bit confused.’ says the Rabbit. ‘There is just so much I don’t understand about my feelings. I did not feel like playing in the creek today… I don’t know why, but I just didn’t. And now that I see the others playing together, I feel lonely and a bit sad. But now that I’m feeling sad, it’s hard for me to join them.’ You nod your head. ‘I think I understand,’ you say, thinking back to how you felt in your room yesterday, before this adventure began, when you were also feeling lonely and a little bit sad. 


You and the Rabbit start talking to each other about emotions, and how strange they can be -- what are they? What do they mean? Is it ok to feel all kinds of different feelings, even when you don’t understand why you feel them? As you keep talking, you both start to share some of the things you do when you feel different emotions-- sometimes you breathe really deeply, sometimes you cry, sometimes you laugh, sometimes you run around, sometimes you want to lie down, sometimes you write down your thoughts, sometimes you draw, sometimes you even dance and sing! As you get around to sharing stories about dancing and singing, your conversation becomes more melodic and excited. It turns into a hum, and then a melody, and before you know it… you are both singing, lost in the moment. 

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Reflect & Create

Can you think of a time when you felt sad, frustrated, or overwhelmed? What helped you understand those feelings and move on? How do you feel calm and relaxed again?

While you reflect, download and color your own Let It Come and Go scene!

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