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Chapter 12. Gong Xi Gong Xi (恭喜恭喜)

14. Gong Xi Gong Xi

After several hours, the sky begins to turn as pink as those falling petals. Feeling refreshed but tired, you, the Fox, and the Musikarus say your goodbyes to the Smiling Raccoon and climb into your acorn baskets, floating away across the Ocean Pond. From the other basket, the eldest Musikaru announces that it is almost time for them to turn in for the night. ‘However,’ says the eldest Musikaru, ‘We have one more thing to show you before we go.’ You follow their balloon to the far shore of the Ocean Pond.


As you are floating through the air, you begin to see small flickers of light in the darkening sky… first in front of you, then beside you, and then all around you. You realize that they are Magical Fireflies, lighting up the dusk sky and leading you somewhere. And then, suddenly, you see it -- a cluster of flickering lights, fireflies, dragonflies, even fireworks! Your baskets drift closer to the cluster. As you approach, you start to make out the shape of a long line of Dragonflies winding along the ground below you, accompanied on all sides by Magical Fireflies -- and, to your astonishment, you realize that they are making the shape of an actual dragon! The dragon made of dragonflies and fireflies is winding and weaving on the ground, surrounded by cheers of ‘gong xi!’ and ‘congratulations!’ From the other balloon, the Musikarus yell out to you that this is a song of the new year, celebrating new beginnings with lights, fireworks and good food (of course). You, the Fox, and the Musikarus hover over this marvellous scene below, watching the flickering lights, incredible shapes, and otherworldly movements. You had thought that you could not be surprised by anything anymore, but here you are -- and you think about new beginnings and old traditions, and how they meld together to create magical tales.

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Learn & Create

Download this sheet and learn how to write the words "gong xi gong xi!" (congratulations) in Chinese characters. What are some other ways to say "congratulations" and "happy new year's" from around the world?

Worksheet by Ya Yun Teng!

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