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Chapter 15. Count the Waves (Kupu Kuwi)

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The sun rises on a new day, full of possibilities. A blank canvas, ready to fill in with your ideas, imaginations, dreams. You can continue writing this story. What adventures come next on your own Unhurried Journey? Who will you meet? Where will you go?

You wake up just as the sun is beginning to rise. As you open your eyes and look around, you discover that you are back in your bedroom. You blink your eyes a few times, then quickly get up, dash to your window, and look out at the garden below. It is calm and silent. You look around, wondering if it actually was all a dream. But as you glance beside you, your eye catches a pink flower petal sitting on the window sill by your arm. You close your eyes and listen more closely to the breeze outside. Slowly, the sounds from the garden come back alive -- you hear the birds, and the creek, the Ocean Pond, the Dragonflies and one by one, you can make out the sound of each creature, the sun bears, the raccoons, the ladybugs, the gathering of animals, dancing and laughing and singing. When you open your eyes again, the garden looks still and calm once more. You smile and sit down to begin writing your story. This adventure has come to an end, but the next one is just beginning.

16. Count the Waves + Kupu Kuwi
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